Shingles Falling Off Your Roof? Here's What To Do

Why Your Shingles Might Be Falling Off

Why are shingles falling off of your roof? That’s a good question, but there can be several reasons as to why your roof might be missing some shingles. Let’s take a step back and first of all understand what exactly it is that shingles do. If you have a shingle roof, those shingles play an important role to your roof and home. Roof shingles protect the structure of your roof from pests, rain, sunlight, and most of all, exposure. Some of the reasons why your shingles might be falling off or missing include:

Strong Winds

No matter what material your roof is made of, it’s made to protect you and your family from several different things. One of those is strong winds, your roof is made to withstand strong winds but extreme winds during a hurricane perhaps can tear your shingles right off. 

Shingles Are Old

If you can’t remember the last time your shingle roof replacement was, you need to find out. Asphalt shingles are meant to last you from 12-15 years but if not maintained for a long period of time, it can cause those shingles to peel and curl. 

Improper Installation

Did you get your shingles replaced recently but they’re still falling off? This may be a sign that whatever company you hired did not install them correctly. It might be a smart decision to call a different out and get a second opinion. 


What To Do

All of the reasons we just went over above can be fixed. It’s very important that you get your roof repaired as soon as you find a problem. Waiting until the damage gets worse can cause you to have to purchase an entire shingle roof replacement. So, the first thing you need to do when you notice that some of your shingles are damaged or missing is find a reliable company to come visit your home. The process will most commonly include an inspection of your roof to find out the extent of the damage, make a claim with your insurance, repair your roof or get a whole shingle roof replacement. All of these steps are necessary to prevent any damage in the future.

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