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Benefits of Tile Roofs Replacement in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

Tile roofs are one of the most popular roofing choices for homeowners in Florida. Not only do they give your home a high-end look and better curb appeal, but they are also incredibly durable and last much longer than other roofing materials.

Unlike other types of materials, tile will never rot or decay. Roofing tiles are such heavy duty tiles that it’s very unlikely to ever have anything damage the roof unless an object with heavy impact were to fall onto the roof. They are also wind-resistant meaning they can take on high winds which makes them super popular in Florida areas at risk for hurricane damage like Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

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Why Should You Choose Craftsman Roofing for Your Tile Roof Replacement?

Many people do not think about replacing their roof until it starts leaking, or it gets damaged. Others only think about replacing their tile roof when they are trying to buy or sell a house. Whatever your reason for wanting a roof replacement, our team at Craftsman Roofing and Restoration will be there every step of the way. Choosing new roofing options should be fun, not stressful or intimidating. Our entire Craftsman team is committed to providing excellent custom service from beginning to end. Our roofing specialists have years of experience and knowledge. We also continue to educate our team on the newest technology and techniques in the roofing industry so we can best serve our clients and those in our community.

Concrete Tile Roofs vs Clay Tile Roofs: Which Is Best For You?

Water Absorption

Concrete tiles absorb almost twice as much water as clay tiles. Because of this, concrete tiles are more likely to grow mildew and stain overtime. 

Color Longevity

Because clay tiles are baked at very high temperatures, their color is long-lasting  and won’t fade over time. Concrete tiles can be painted to many different colors, but those colors tend to fade faster than clay tiles.


Because of their increased water absorption, concrete tile roofs are more difficult and time consuming to maintain. Whether you decide to go with a clay or concrete tile roof, you still need to get annual roof inspections to ensure al the tiles on your roof are in good shape and not damaged.


Both clay and concrete roof tiles can outperform many other roofing materials, but clay tiles are the more durable between the two. 


Typically, a concrete tile roof is the more affordable option. With concrete tiles, you must make sure your roof can support their extra weight. Clay tiles weigh much less than concrete tiles, even though they may cost a bit more.

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