As you might know, there are many causes of roof damage. Most of the causes are common but there may be a time where it’s a very unlikely cause of damage that might be rare. It is a very smart decision as a homeowner to get your roof inspected on a normal basis, at least once a year. Twice a year is extraordinary and will help you take care of small issues if there are any present instead of not getting your roof inspected regularly and then having to take care of major repairs. There are multiple variables that can cause roof damage. Beneath are four of the most common causes of roof damage.


If you didn’t know, yes wind can cause damage to your roof. Here’s how the damage occurs. When winds get strong enough,  for example during a storm, they can pull up your shingles, rip materials to pieces, and even cause things to fall onto your roof. Most shingles are expected to protect you from winds up to 60 MPH. But it all depends on what shape your roof is in. If your roof is old and not well maintained, a wind of 50 MPH can do lots of harm to your roof.


Every roof needs to be well maintained, whether it be your home or business. They all have the same job and that’s to protect you, so you need to protect it! Another pro to taking care of your roof is that you can extend the life of your roof if you maintain it on a proper schedule. As a homeowner or owner of a business, it’s time to think about how important it is to take care of your roof and start inspecting it yourself once a month if possible!


When a storm occurs, you may think its your roof vs trees near your home. That may be true, but there are steps you can take to prevent anything from happening to your roof during a storm or just in general. The best thing you can do as a homeowner is to cut any branch that comes close to your home and roof. It’s better to cut them down before they eventually fall one day. A branch falling onto your roof can lead to your shingles being torn off or even worse, a hole being caused by a branch falling. Branches also serve as a way for animals to get to your roof. We all know that animals love roofs so cut your tree branches and cut off that access that animals have to getting onto your roof!


Downspouts and gutters serve a very important role and protect your home and roof from excessive water. They are pointed away from your home so when it rains, the water is spit away from your home so water doesn’t build up near it. Gutters and downspouts cannot work correctly if not taken care of. Debris and moss can collect easily in them and eventually clog causing water to seep into your roof and home. Forget roof damage, your whole roof may need to be replaced when this happens. 


Let this be a sign to take all proper precautions and make sure your roof is in the best possible shape it can be in. A lot of these common causes of roof damage can be avoided if you do so. Contact Craftsman Roofing & Restoration if you need a trustworthy company to perform your roof inspections or to help your roof in any way!