Which Is The Strongest Roof For Hurricanes?

When a storm comes through your town, where do you seek shelter? I’ll bet that the place you take cover is definitely somewhere under a roof no matter if it’s at home or somewhere else such as a store or company.  Having the strongest roof for your home is a very smart option because in the long run you will be protected better and you will hopefully have minimal damage if any damage were to happen. Adequate roof protection has to be a priority especially if you are expecting a hurricane. So, do you know what materials are best for a roof when it comes to hurricanes? Let’s go into details and make sure you are ready for a hurricane!

Metal Roofing

Typically, a lot of people choose metal roofing when it comes to having the best roof protection against hurricanes. There are numerous reasons why a metal roof is the way to go as they have lots to offer. This roof will not burn as easily in a fire, insects will not eat away at it, and corrosion won’t happen with this material! When expecting a hurricane, just know that this roof can withstand winds from 110-160 miles per hour. Metal roofing also lasts longer than other common roofs and can last about 50 or more years! Even though the metal materials do cost more, it will protect you for a long time. 

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are the perfect roofing material if you live in an area that gets hit by bad hurricanes and other storms as well. These tiles can take on winds as strong as 100 miles per hour and even faster. Usually, these tiles have a long warranty keeping your roof in shape and having it last between 50 and 100 years, varying how well you take care of it! Just like the metal roofing, clay tiles are resistant to fire too. 


So, do what you will with all of this information, but be sure to know how important it is to protect you and your family from hurricane season. Do you want a roof that will be questioned if it will keep you safe through a bad storm or not? If you need help figuring out which is the best material for your home and the strongest possible roof for you, contact Craftsman Roofing and Restoration!