Why Are Roof Inspections So Important?

When was the last time you were on your roof? How did it look? 

That’s the reality of being a homeowner. Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, but it’s also the one we frequently forget about. Most homeowners start thinking about roof repairs when they notice there’s a leak, or a huge storm blows through and rips off part of the roof. If there aren’t any drastic and noticeable problems, roof maintenance is almost never thought about.

If you haven’t gotten your roof inspected recently (or at all), you’re not alone! Millions of homeowners are in the same boat as you. There could be many things wrong with your roof right now, but you don’t have any idea because it hasn’t been inspected. 

For example, one of our clients, let’s call her Rachel, reached out to us and asked for a roof inspection on a home she purchased 2 years ago. It was built in the 1980s and had been through several hurricanes, without any big issues. Sounds like a pretty sturdy roof, right? Well….probably not. Once we got up on her roof and did a full inspection, we found many different issues with it. The shingles were discolored and coming off, and there were some serious draining issues that were leading to mold and rotting issues on the structure of her home. 

The moral of this story, is that you should get a roofing inspection BEFORE you have a leak or a tree fall through it! Regular roofing inspections help you stay on top of what’s going on with your roof. Finding those drainage and leak issues earlier, would have prevented the mold and rot problems from getting as bad as they were. 

Don’t wait to get a roofing inspection! Call us now so we can get up there and give you peace of mind! 

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