Why Roof Damage Is So Dangerous

Do you suspect your home is suffering from roof damage?

As a homeowner, roof damage is a very serious and big problem. Whether the damage is from a leak, missing tiles, or from Mother Nature, you need to get your roof attention immediately. Even damage that you might think isn’t a big deal like two or three shingles are bent, it needs to be addressed before water finds that area and starts causing an even bigger problem to your home. That’s where professionals come into the picture because you don’t want to risk getting hurt or making the damage any worse than it already is!

Don’t wait around when you start noticing signs of roof damage, doing so will lead to more severe damage and cost more money for you. It is vital to have your roof inspected on a regular basis to prolong its lifespan. The most common types of damage to your roof are wind damage, falling debris, hail damage, and shingle damage. 

A small leak can lead to a huge problem. Let’s talk health concerns. If you didn’t know, black mold and mildew is very common when you have a leaky roof. As many people may know mold and mildew are a very serious threat to anyone’s health, especially kids. Don’t let the smallest leak turn into a huge danger to not only you but your family as well. 

Whether you have a commercial business or you’re a homeowner, call Craftsman Roofing and we will come inspect and help you every step of the way before your roof damage gets any worse!